II. Tongue

The thumbnail on the same hand may communicate a point of reference or range of tongue pressure.

The index and middle fingers of the OW's right hand may move together like a tongue, and direct the location and pressure of the tongue of the RE. More fingers may suggest broader tongue strokes. The harder the OW's fingers press, the harder the tongue may press. Points of reference or a range of the locations of skin contact may be communicated with the ear pulling exercise. To communicate the desired range of tongue pressure, as pressure of the index and middle fingers are constant, the edge of the thumbnail may stroke towards the RE's nose to increase pressure, or towards the RE's spine to decrease pressure.

I. Basics

III. Lips and suction

IV. Outside fingers

V. Penetrating fingers

VI. Composition of maps

VII. Starting and stopping

VIII. Harmonious and holistic speed adjustment

IX. Recording and recalling memory

X. Vocal vibrations

XI. Toys

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