IV. Outside fingers

This may still be applied to many parts of the OW's body, but now it's discussed in the context around their vagina if they have one.

The OW may use their feet on the back of the RE to direct them to move their own fingers against the OW's body, like rub or spread parts of the outer or inner labial lips, pull up or rub in circular motions the skin above the OW's clitoral hood, or clamp and rub the clitoral shaft. Directions adjusting location and pressure ranges and points of reference may be made with the OW's own hands asserting to the RE's hands.

I. Basics

II. Tongue

III. Lips and suction

V. Penetrating fingers

VI. Composition of maps

VII. Starting and stopping

VIII. Harmonious and holistic speed adjustment

IX. Recording and recalling memory

X. Vocal vibrations

XI. Toys

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