VI. Content of discussion

One activity that may be nice is the OR could start drawing the RE's name, followed by any three words that first come to the OR's mind when they enjoy thinking of, or want to think of the RE. Then roles may be switched.

Some questions may be nicely answered this way:

What song is in your head right now? What visions come with it?

Think of people you miss and the last time they were genuinely happy to see you. What were they doing? What were you doing? What did the surroundings look like at the time?

Where do you dream of being? What does it look like? What do you do then?

If there was a place and time where you didn't mind dying a week from then, what would that place and time look like? What would they sound like?

What did you see or hear the last time you felt relief, success, joy, love, powerful, harmony, safe, peace, etc?

I. Intro, basics, and definitions
II. Learning and refining
III. Physical ergonomics
IV. Backchanneling
V. Effects