Tactile-to-tactile dictation

First, learning about COVID-19 is highly recommended at this time. Thinking of those who's home right now is in a part of the world where social distancing isn't possible, with a lack of electricity, infrastructure, different logistics and space uses, or a nursing home, a tent, a prison, Gaza, or a structure of stockholm syndrome, human trafficking, or domestic violence, kinda concerns me. It is also a concern thinking there could be someone, for reasons unrelated to corona, who needs medical resources that are currently being directed to stop this crisis. There's also those that may get infected by going to a hospital for other reasons, and if they'd be immunocompromised for a diverse plethora of reasons that could also be serious.

If it makes ya feel better, GiveDirectly currently has a program that allegedly administers monetary donations directly to American families enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Anyway, tactile-to-tactile dictation has been thought to help communication in two types:

Print-on-Palm (POP) to POP


Words welcome: